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Camp To Belong Colorado:

 “Camp To Belong is all about strengthening families! The sibling relationship is the longest relationship in most of our lives, at Camp ToBelong we help brothers and sisters regain a lost sense of permanency and connection by strengthening their sibling relationships”

The gift of family is one that is often overlooked. Being separated from one’s parents is typically the biggest fear of childhood. Add to this the isolation of being apart from your siblings and it is a scenario most of us could not even imagine. It is not often we have the opportunity to change a child’s life. Camp to Belong offers exactly this. CTB-CO has already served 102 Colorado siblings over our past 3 summer camps and we plan to serve at least 50 more next summer, as we expand once more for our 2017 season.

Connecting Events are events that will allow our youth in foster care with and without siblings to connect with their siblings, our volunteers, and their community to form permanent lasting bonds as they grow into adulthood. Events include, but are not limited to sporting events, trips to the museum, zoo, mountains, and community service projects.

Elevating Connections Café will be a place for our older youth to learn valuable job skills while interacting with their community. Our attached administrative offices will offer meeting space for life skills classes, a full kitchen to teach our youth how to cook healthy and tasty meals, rooms for job searches and homework, and a quiet room for meditation and mindfulness programming. Programming will also include community partnerships to offer our youth paid internships in a variety of fields to allow more opportunity for career exploration.

Elevating Connections Café

Elevating Connections offers permanent, stable connections to our emancipating youth to support them as they mature into adulthood and to allow them to lead productive, happy lives.