Creating Christmas Traditions for Foster Kids

Creating lasting memories with Christmas traditions is second nature for most families. Unfortunately, foster children may have never experienced this. One thing you can do while the children are in your home is show them what this looks like. There are many different things you can do to make the season special. Here are 10 [...]

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Opioid Epidemic Sends More and More Kids into the Foster System

In nearly every community across America, there is a growing problem of addiction. Officials and families are trying their best to combat the issue. Blue Cross Blue Shield analyzed members and discovered that there was a 493% increase in addiction between 2010 and 2016. With those types of rates, it isn't surprising that more and more [...]

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Aging Out of the Foster System and Siblings

A real problem in our youth foster systems today is that youth tend to "age out" of the foster system without any program to help them transition from childhood to adulthood and beyond. During the stresses of aging out and trying to figure out where they'll live, if they'll go to school, and what they'll [...]

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Sibling Bonds Reach Down Through the Years

There is a bond between siblings that is there even when they are separated. I recently read an article that reminded me of this. The article was "Siblings Meet for First Time - as Senior Citizens" and appeared in July of this year on the US News and World Reports website.  It shares the story [...]

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Help Siblings Get Past Bickering

It is almost natural for siblings to fuss and fight at times, but children who've been in abusive or neglectful homes may struggle to overcome patterns of behavior they've learned over time. Even if the siblings only see each other occasionally, precious time can be wasted arguing. Fortunately, there are some tools you can use [...]

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You’re Invited to Our Fundraising Dinner on October 7th

The main thing that Elevating Connections does is to support siblings separated in foster care. We do this via a variety of services, including Camp to Belong, where siblings have a chance to reunite. On October 7th, 2017 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., we're going to celebrate the work we do and raise funds [...]

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A Look at Helping Foster Kids Succeed

Recently I read an article in the San Diego Union Tribune entitled "Setting Up Foster Kids for Success" by Assemblyman Brian Maienschein. The article focused on helping foster kids succeed. The article points to statistics that show around half of foster kids who stay in the system until they age out wind up in dire straights. The [...]

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Carrying the Benefits of Foster Sibling Camp Beyond the Summer

When foster siblings live apart, they may feel disconnected from their family and as though something major is missing in their lives. Gatherings like Camp to Belong are an excellent starting point to reconnect siblings and keep those ties strong. However, once a year should only be a start to keeping the lines of communication [...]

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How Foster Care Providers Can Think Outside the Box About Sibling Contact

In On the Page magazine, Michael Allen Potter writes about his experience being separated from his siblings. His mother suffered from mental illness, and when the children were taken, they were separated. Potter had a brother and a sister and he talks about staring at people on the subway. He writes: "One of my greatest [...]

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Foster Separation Impact on Older Siblings

There are numerous articles on the impact of separation on foster siblings. Yet, the impact on older siblings might be more intense. Teenagers tend to have more mental health issues, delinquency issues, truancy issues and placement changes. Knowing where their siblings are and having meaningful contact with them decreases all those negatives. Anything foster parents [...]

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