Elevating Connections

Elevating Connections is all about strengthening families! The sibling relationship is the longest relationship in most of our lives, at Camp To Belong we help brothers and sisters regain a lost sense of permanency and connection by strengthening their sibling relationships

Stacey Sanders

Message from our Executive Director, Stacey Sanders

I have been asked multiple times why we started Elevating Connections. The answer seems simple to me, because of our kids. But, the answer is much deeper than that. Elevating Connections is the next logical step for our siblings after they attend Camp To Belong Colorado. For one amazing week our siblings separated in foster care get to spend time with their siblings just being kids. But, what happens after camp? Many of our siblings will never live together again and they may emancipate without ever finding a permanent home.

Elevating Connections has been created so we can offer our kids a permanent connection with their siblings and their community after they turn 18 and leave foster care. We offer Connecting Events throughout the year to give our siblings more opportunities to connect with each other, our volunteers, and our community. The sibling relationship is cradle to grave and we need to do everything we can to support the sibling bond.

We decided that our kids who emancipate from foster care without returning home or without a finding a permanent home need a place to come to feel connected to their community. Our future plan is our Elevating Youth program that will be based out of a community coffee shop that will give our youth a place to learn job skills; find resources for housing, jobs, and school; learn life skills; have a place to share their talents, such as their music, art, and poetry; and where they can always come for acceptance, support, and a safe place to land no matter how old they are.

This is where you, our supporters, volunteers, and community come in. We need you because camp is just the beginning. We need you because one stable adult can make all of the difference in the life of a youth in foster care. We need you. Our youth need you!

Background and Importance

Studies and research have shown that 90% of youth who emancipate from foster care without finding a permanent family end up on the streets, in jail, pregnant, in out of mental health facilities, or dead. This is due in large part to the youth having no permanent connections to support them as they enter adulthood. Overwhelmingly, youth who are successful report, and studies have shown, that they had at least one adult who provided support, security, safety and love.


To be a community resource in reuniting siblings separated in foster care. That we reduce the number of youth who are left without permanent connections upon emancipation, thereby increasing the number of emancipating youth who are able to lead happy, productive lives.